[ivan_staff image_id=”4875″ main_css=”{.vc_customizer_1582984942053}” image_css=”{.vc_customizer_1582984942053}” name_css=”{.vc_customizer_1582984942055}” job_title_css=”{.vc_customizer_1582984942056}” content_css=”{.vc_customizer_1582984942056}” social_css=”{.vc_customizer_1582984942056}” name=”Stephanie McVeigh” job_title=”CEO & Founder”]

Stephanie offers over 20 years of expertise in Event Planning, Performance Improvement and Relationship Marketing, with a proven track record for designing Customer Engagement programs to meet and exceed corporate objectives. Formerly Vice President of National Accounts for one of the leading incentive marketing companies in the industry, Stephanie’s zeal for creating a “wow factor” in multiple types of programs, is recognized by her clients and peers throughout North America.

Stephanie consistently surpasses a “whatever it takes” attitude and is known for her ability to create ‘out- of-the-box’ thinking with Incentive Programs, Group Travel, Loyalty Platforms, Motivation Applications and human behavior Reward Programs. Stephanie’s extraordinary commitment to achieving her clients’ objectives includes an in-depth assessment of market drivers, for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer programs. Her keen ability to recognize program potential, overcome obstacles and to execute effective program strategies within specific client cultures, are the key elements which distinguish Stephanie among all others.

Contact Stephanie at (519) 851-5687 (mobile) -or- (519) 847-5901 (office) -or- Email


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Leigh-Anne is a graduate in Business Marketing from Fanshawe College in London, Ontario and oversees Global Events for Strategic Incentive Solutions, responsible for all client group event operations. Leigh-Anne is a dynamic, accomplished Meetings and Conference Planner, with the exceptional ability to operate client events, from initial preliminary planning, to successful implementation. She has nurtured relationships with many SIS clients and has earned their recognition and respect, by successfully managing their high-profile events with empathy, sincerity and creativity. Leigh-Anne’s commitment and dedication ensures that all aspects of the client’s program are executed far beyond the client’s expectations!

Contact Leigh Anne at (519) 697-0690 (mobile) -or- Email

[/ivan_staff][ivan_staff image_id=”4886″ main_css=”{.vc_customizer_1587150890434}” image_css=”{.vc_customizer_1587150890436}” name_css=”{.vc_customizer_1587150890437}” job_title_css=”{.vc_customizer_1587150890438}” content_css=”{.vc_customizer_1587150890439}” social_css=”{.vc_customizer_1587150890440}” name=”Michael Farmer” job_title=”Vice President of Group Sales”]Mike has been in the Incentive Group Travel industry for 36 years working in various roles primarily for two major third party companies prior to joining SIS as Vice President of Group Sales.  He has traveled to 80+ countries and designed many unique travel events. In addition to his skills in hotel and destination negotiations he has an eye for creative elements that can turn an average event into an amazing one. He also has a background in entertainment and production and will help ensure our client’s meetings and awards ceremonies run flawlessly. Mike is known for his passion for strategizing with his clients and industry partners to create an experience that will “move the needle” for the attendees. His commitment to create win-win solutions has earned him world-wide respect in the industry as well as lifelong friendships with people around the globe. No budget is too small and no challenge is too big to get Mike’s engine revved up to create a winning solution for our clients.

Mike is also a Board Member of S.I.T.E. (Society of Incentive Travel Excellence) which is comprised of industry experts. He’s been married to the love of his life Alice for 35 years and they have two grown sons.

Contact Mike at (314) 616-8070 (mobile) -or- Email

[/ivan_staff][ivan_staff image_id=”4844″ main_css=”{.vc_customizer_1594829333508}” image_css=”{.vc_customizer_1594829333508}” name_css=”{.vc_customizer_1594829333509}” job_title_css=”{.vc_customizer_1594829333509}” content_css=”{.vc_customizer_1594829333509}” social_css=”{.vc_customizer_1594829333510}” name=”Paige Jackson” job_title=”Client Success Manager”]Paige is a business marketing graduate from Fanshawe College in London, Ontario.  She is responsible for new business development and account management for Strategic Incentive Solutions, recognized for being insightful, her relationship skills, her passion and boundless energy makes her an asset to the SIS family committed to over-delivering loyalty programs and meeting solutions for our clients.   Paige is recognized for her remarkable attention to detail and her ability to over-deliver on customer expectations, in a “handmade hospitality” fashion. With her upbeat personality, passion and positive attitude, Paige excels at building new relationships, with commitment to customer details in a “can do” manner.


Contact Paige at (519) 857-5499 (mobile) -or- Email  (her email is paige@strategicis.ca)


[/ivan_staff][ivan_staff image_id=”4906″ main_css=”{.vc_customizer_1596660519148}” image_css=”{.vc_customizer_1596660519150}” name_css=”{.vc_customizer_1596660519151}” job_title_css=”{.vc_customizer_1596660519153}” content_css=”{.vc_customizer_1596660519153}” social_css=”{.vc_customizer_1596660519153}” name=”Dahna Sanderson” job_title=”Business Development and Event Planning”]Dahna has been in the direct selling industry for 25+ years, working with companies in various roles focused on developing successful marketing plans, sales, and communication strategies. She has been a coach, collaborator, creator, implementer, presenter, planner, visionary, leader, and always looks to create the most impactful solutions for corporations that result in incremental lift!

As a passionate relationship builder, Dahna, likes to surround herself with clients that push her to do more and be better – to strive for higher goals and motivation. She has been part of committees and boards within the DSA Canada throughout her career, given back to the community through her philanthropic spirit, and has put her entrepreneurial energy to work helping others create memorable experiences both professionally and personally. All qualities that meet the SIS PASSION guiding principles.

Her personal mission can be summarized this way – Life is short, each day a gift, embrace the present. Live, love & laugh!

Contact Dahna at (905) 868-4362 (mobile) -or- Email  (her email is dahna@strategicis.ca)



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A traditionally published author, Debbie comes to Strategic Incentive Solutions with over seven years experience in writing, copy-writing, copy-editing, social media platform development, and business communications. As Director of Communications, she is responsible for ensuring S.I.S. stays current and active in all our communications efforts across multiple platforms. Drawing on her previous background in business development, real estate, and mortgage sales, she has a firm understanding of the importance of clear, effective communication with all team members and our clients. With her excellent person to person and B2B skills, she delivers more than just words on a page; she helps keep us top of mind and engaged in the social media arena, delivering relevant, current content, and interesting newsletters you’ll want to read and share.

Contact Debbie at (519) 847-5901 (mobile) -or- Email

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Jessie is an Honor Graduate from the University of Guelph with a Degree in Psychology and has been working as an Event Director for Strategic Incentive Solutions for the past two years. She is responsible for all Operations of the company and collaborates with both the Sales and Operations teams to manage event services and strategic loyalty programs. Jessie is known for her excellent relationship management and negotiation skills, maximizing profitability for clients and accomplishing corporate objectives. Her extraordinary customer service and proactive creativity bring targeted solutions to clients, ensuring a positive ROI for all client events.

Contact Jessie at mailto:jessie@strategicis.ca

 [/ivan_staff][ivan_staff image_id=”4678″ main_css=”{.vc_customizer_1587157798825}” image_css=”{.vc_customizer_1587157798826}” name_css=”{.vc_customizer_1587157798827}” job_title_css=”{.vc_customizer_1587157798829}” content_css=”{.vc_customizer_1587157798830}” social_css=”{.vc_customizer_1587157798830}” name=”Colton Jackson” job_title=”Client Experience and Marketing Support Services”]Colton joins SIS as a member of the Event Planning and Marketing Support Team.   Colton assists with general event planning services, social media campaigns, sports marketing promotions and on-site implementation of many global client events. Colton is recognized for his keen analytic ability, his remarkable attention to detail, friendly personality and his sharp, creative thinking . With his eagerness to learn, commitment to business and dedication to clients, Colton excels at customer support, creating efficient processes and over-delivering of client expectations.



We specialize in creating and implementing memorable experiences for our clients, utilizing premium awards, vacation travel, sporting events and entertainment events. Our company provides turn-key event services, to assist clients in sourcing the perfect venue, contract negotiation, coordination of air travel, providing onsite staffing and working in tandem with internal teams, to manage the entire event.

Strategic Incentive Solutions is committed to Supplier Diversity.  SIS is a certified diversity supplier as a woman-owned business enterprise (WBE) that can assist with your diversity spend requirements. As a full service incentive marketing company we are able to assist with rewards, recognition, meetings and events to contribute towards diversity spend. We have clients in both Canada and the U.S. that benefit from our minority certification and we take diversity in your Corporate culture seriously. Contact us today to see how we can assist with your diversity requirements.