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Welcome to Strategic Incentive Solutions Inc.

Strategic Incentive Solutions Inc. is a full-service incentive reward company, offering over 20 years of experience in the incentive industry, with focus on:

  • Individual Incentive Solutions
  • Group Travel and Meetings
  • Rewards/Recognition Programs
  • Engagement Promotions
  • National Sporting Events
  • Points Based Platforms
  • Loyalty Applications
  • Event Planning Services

JustRewards is our signature individual reward option, which is a unique sports, travel and experiential incentive tool. This reward offering can easily be adapted to any short term incentive program, to motivate employees (or independent consultants) to maximize sales and drive behaviors during a specific promotion period. We customize each individual program to accommodate Human Resources, Sales or Marketing objectives and departmental budgets.


Creating incentive programs in itself may not be difficult, but designing them to work towards your company’s specific goals often requires unique insight and creative thought process. Strategic Incentive Solutions Inc. offers over 20 years of expertise in Event Planning, Performance Improvement and Relationship Marketing, with a proven track record in designing incentives and engagement programs to meet and exceed your corporate objectives. We’re known for our “whatever it takes” attitude and out-of-the-box thinking, when assisting with program implementation.


Many consider good results to be the perfect end to any successful incentive program. We consider it to be the perfect beginning of a successful incentive program. Recognizing that you’ve achieved your goal is the first step in devising new, more intrepid goals, aimed at solidifying your business’ industry niche. Strategic Incentive Solutions Inc. understands, not only how important good results are to any company, but we also realize the process shouldn’t stop there.



The ultimate goal of any program is not just to generate a response, but to create a lasting relationship which will continue to produce future returns. Using the correct resources in the appropriate circumstances is an important step to forging those relationships, which will make your business prosper. Strategic Incentive Solutions Inc. will help your company motivate clients, customers and channel partners, utilizing sales incentives, group travel, loyalty platforms and human behavior rewards. Strengthening those relationships creates connections to last a lifetime!